Wednesday, December 2, 2009


What a busy week last week was! But it all worked wonderfully, both Thursday and Saturday. Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves on Thursday - the bird came out perfectly (that's my Special K with "Bella" - yes, we always name our turkeys). She was beautifully moist and flavorful - and so big! 24 pounds. Thanks again, Miss P! Her son works at QFC and got a free turkey. He had no use for it, so she asked him if we could have it - wonderful!

And everyone behaved - no-one fed Sparky any treats. He was pretty much bored with the whole thing, I think.

One of the fellas brought him a toy elephant, though - very sweet. Spark's been sleeping with that thing ever since. He loves new toys.

And Saturday was terrific, too - so good to see R&W. Had a wonderful dinner with them, and then instead of going out for breakfast the next morning, we decided to stay in and have breakfast at home. So much better - gave us more time to visit.
Wonderful 5-day holiday - all went way too quickly, though. But it always works out that way, huh?

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