Thursday, December 31, 2009

Master Sparky

There's a blog that I've followed for years (dooce - the authoress is hilarious. You'll find a link to her site over there on the right under "Favorites." She didn't start out as a mommy-blog, and even though she's got two gorgeous little girls now, I still don't consider her a mommy-blog. It ain't all about diapers and how to get your kid to play nice, etc. She writes about her life and her outlook, and she's just too damn funny), and back in October, she posted a picture that a reader had done of her two dogs. I knew I just had to have one done of Sparks, and this is what the young lady came up (thank you, Julie Watson!) She did a super job. I think she caught him perfectly (scroll down to the Thanksgiving post below to see a recent pic of him). This was that special Xmas present for my Special K this year. Very jazzed it turned out so well.

1 comment:

  1. That is super cute! I wish I still had Tito, I'd get one done of him.