Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I'd love to sup with my baby tonight...

...but it's too darn hot!

Every time it gets very hot, this old song from Kiss Me, Kate (sung by the late, great Ann Miller) comes to mind.

It's not allowed to get over 90 degrees in the Seattle area - it just isn't. But apparently, someone didn't get that memo, cuz, baby, we are in the midst of a doozey of a heat wave. And I don't like it - no, sir; not one bit. Supposed to get over 100 today. If the weather folks are right, each day after today, it will start cooling off by a couple degrees per day, so that by the weekend, beginning of next week, we looking at mid-80s, which, while still hot, is way better than today.

Although, I have noted that while I still don't care for "hot," it does not bother me as it used to, pre-surgery. I'm able to tolerate it better now. So that's a plus, although I worry about Special K and I worry about Spark. They're not handling the heat well at all. K isn't able to sleep and feels totally drained. And even though we got Spark his summer cut last Saturday, he's still panting away. (I've got to get a pic of him up for you all - he looks so funny without his Westie skirt and fluffy butt.)

Last night, I ran a cool bath and sat in it for about an hour, reading my book, enjoying a glass of wine. Once I got out, I thought Sparky might enjoy getting wet (it was 10:00 at night and still well over 80 in the house - that's the bad part; when the evenings don't cool down enough to get comfortable), so I stuck him in the tub and got him all wet. He just stood there, tail wagging a little occasionally. He'd look up at me once in a while, as if to say "wow - thanks - feels good!" And once I took him out and dried him off, he did a happy dance/run through the house. He very obviously felt much better. And he felt better to the touch; it was apparent that the bath had brought down his body temperature.

I'm thinking we'll need to do that again tonight.

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