Thursday, April 30, 2009

No Sparky kibble for you!

Never knew eagles were so large. We were walking Sparky last night at Kelsey Creek Park, and we had heard an unfamiliar bird call earlier. While we were walking by the creek, an eagle came down and stood by the water - so close! That majestic bird was at least 3 feet tall. I swooped down and picked up the Sparkster real quick; wasn't sure if the eagle had spotted him or not, but I wasn't taking any chances. We hurried back to the car, but then we thought the eagle had flown off. Put Sparky back down so he could enjoy & finish off his walk, but then it showed up again, flying overhead. Too freaky - picked up the pup again and headed for the safety of the car. I've seen videos of eagles carrying off large goats, so I have no doubt if he was hunting and saw Spark, he'd nab him. So beautiful to see, but very disconcerning.

And two more pounds :o) Still working - lovin' that!

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