Monday, April 19, 2010

Blood from a stone

I'm not politically minded - I read the news and try to stay on top of stuff, but politics bores me (Special K loves it, but then she's a whole smarter than I am :) ). For those of you not in the state of WA, they've increased the cigarette tax. Again. We just did this last year. So I wrote a letter to our estemed governor:

My domestic partner and I both want to share with you our extreme displeasure with the latest cigarette tax increase. We have been very supportive of you and what you're trying to accomplish, but we cannot stay quiet on this. You've raised the cig tax. Again. We just did this last year. Again. How far can you punish an already unpopular part of the population? How high can you go? Another $10 per carton? Let's see; two cartons a week (one for each of us) = $20 x 4 = $80. A month. That's insane. X 12 is $960. A year. Almost one thousand dollars. For just a "little" tax increase.

Should we be smoking? That's our choice. Health-wise; no, we shouldn't. But that's not the issue here. We don't want to debate whether or not one should smoke. But if we chose to, we shouldn't have to pay so very much over and above what it costs to make the product.

There's only so much blood you can get from a stone. So OK; fine. I'll just drive once a month down to Oregon to buy my cigarettes for the month. Oh, wait - that's illegal, isn't it? Which I find very silly. Thought we lived in America - the land of free. I should be able to buy what I want, where I want. Government shouldn't be able to tell me I cannot shop in the state next door just because they then don't get the tax.

Well, get a clue! Could it possibly be that the tax is too freaking high?

We are both middle-aged, sedate, mature women, not prone to drama. We work, we come home, we enjoy our canine companion - very quiet life, with very few vices. That you can just wreak havoc and charge us more of what we don't have that much of to begin with is very painful and disruptive.

We love America. And we love the state of Washington. But you are making it very difficult to keep us interested in staying in Washington. One of the highest taxed states - you've got to start looking in better places for your budget dollars. And don't respond that you have. We're sorry. You have not. Not by a long shot. Too much wastage; too much being taken from necessary areas and not enough focus on areas that need cutting and haven't been touched.


For the record, the "you" in this note refers to government - not you, personally, Governor.

Thank you for the opportunity to vent. Not that this will do one iota of good, but we had to let you know how very unhappy you've made us and how disruptive this is to our lives. And we are but just a couple. Imagine all the other lives to which you've done the same.

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