Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Liquid Calories

I miss the honeymoon period. I have to be so conscious of what I eat now - and drink. I'm actually starting to figure out it's more what I'm drinking than what I'm eating. While I am eating more than right after surgery, I think it's normal or even below normal, as I still can't eat as much as before. Also depends on what I'm eating - somethings I can seemingly go on and on, while others, after a few bites, I'm done.

I know everything that goes into my mouth counts. Including liquid, even though I've never really thought of it as such. And even though I no longer drink sodas (once in a blue moon, I'll have a little 7-Up - that's it), I still do sugar & non-dairy creamer in my coffee and my wine in the evenings - once in a while, coffee and brandy in the evenings. Once I got past young adulthood (was quite the lush in my younger days), I was never much of a drinker - social more than anything. I'd have a Myers Rum and coke or a coffee drink. Rarely drank at home. But now, it's become a nightly thing. Once dinner is done or if I'm in the kitchen on some baking project or if dinner preparation itself is a lengthy project, I'll have a glass of wine then. And it's not like I'm getting blasted every night - it's usually just a glass or two, and I'm not quite the cheap drunk I was right after surgery, so I can handle the alcohol better.

I've bought Muscle Milk Light. I've made a resolve to drink more water, and while I'm doing better with that at work, once I'm home, I just don't think of it, or if I do, I'm not interested. Never did get good at drinking water, even though I know it's very important for weight loss and weight management.

But wine tastes so much better.

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