Thursday, November 5, 2009


I was sitting on the picnic bench outside the bldg's front door today, taking my break, reading my book and drinking coffee. Weather today predicts lots of rain and wind, but right then, it felt almost balmy.

All of a sudden, the wind picked up and all the fallen leaf lions were swirling and dancing in circles. What a sight! And at that very moment, I felt euphoric, for lack of a better word - very happy; glad to be alive. Not sure why; sure, it was a pretty sight to see all the different colored leaves swirling all over, but I almost felt like this was a profound moment for some reason.

And as quick as it came, then it quieted down. I felt almost bereft. For just a few seconds there, nothing mattered; my weight, K being sick, Mum not doing well, bills that are due, workplace insecure - all that disappeared for a brief moment.

If I could bottle that feeling, I'd be a rich woman.

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