Monday, September 14, 2009

It's working!

Back on track, for the most part. I've lost 5 pounds this past week that I had regained and that feels good. Still have the occasional something that I shouldn't, but I have the cookie/candy thing under much better control. Really lost it there for a while and had to redo my line of thinking.

And while I have my day-time snacking under much better control, I'm still fighting the night-time hungries. Dinners I do fine; it's while I'm finally at my computer with the TV on, with my glass of wine, and I'm relaxing. I'm trying to substitute stuff (pretzels instead of chips; little dill pickles instead of candies; that sort of thing), and for the most part, that's going OK.

But all of this has reinforced how much better I feel at this weight as opposed to what I once was. It feels good to have my jeans not straining at the button. I'm amazed what 5 pounds can feel like.

Just got to keep it up. I've realized this before, but this weight thing? It's going to have to be a conscious thing for the rest of my life.

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