Monday, September 26, 2011

Fido Fest 2011

Yesterday was Gizmo Day; the HS walk (piece of cake) and then the festival afterwards. Very small but very nice. First time we've gone - I think if they went for a different venue (like Marymore Park), they'd attract more vendors and more walkers, and then we could walk through the park instead of city streets. But they did good - collected $140,000, I think the end total was. And we had a ball!

And because we wanted to avoid the presidental motorcade crap, we drove home the loooong way, over the top of Lake Washington. We headed north instead of south and had a very nice Sunday drive. We came up around through Woodinville and then Redmond, so of course we had to stop at Marymore Park and let Gizmo romp there. He is such a joy to watch run around and play with the other dogs. I swear we see him smile. Big. And then we get him home around 6ish and he proceeds to pretty much nap the evening away. All that fresh air and exercise - we need to do that more often.

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