Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I can't believe I didn't get our Xmas cards out until yesterday, a mere four days before Xmas. I've been making our own cards for years now, but this year, I had a huge mental block. Nothing looked right. I did find one pic I liked (snowy mountains with a thin Santa on a bicycle along a mountain path), but Special K didn't care for it. So we broke down and bought some the other night at the World Market. My. God. When they get to be so expensive! We saw these really pretty angel cards - package only had 8 cards and they wanted 19.99! Even at 50% off, that was $10 bucks. For 8 cards. Are they out of their flippin' minds? I told K we were in the wrong business - lol

But they're done. And out. Now tonight I have a few boxes to pull together (for family out of state). To mail tomorrow. Actually to FedEx tomorrow.

Next year, we're going to do all our Xmas shopping/wrapping, etc and be done by August.

Yeah. Right.

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