Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Union Pulse

We had visitors Sunday night. Strangers. Now friends. From Milwaukee :)

Special K and I went to Milwaukee (K's hometown) last week for her nephew/godson's wedding. Friday, we go into Walgreens and the young man that helped us, overhearing that we're from Seattle, said he and his band would be playing in Seattle over the Memorial Day weekend; did we know any inexpensive places to stay? K and I looked at each other (don't you love how when you've been with someone for a while, you know what each other is thinking?), and told him we have a guest bedroom that they're more than welcome to bunk down in. He was very jazzed - we exchanged contact info and went our merry way.

Next day; day of the wedding - K and I decide to get our hair done and we go to Cloud 9 on Oakdale (highly recommended by K's sister and we agree!). Pat, our hairdresser, upon hearing where we're from, said "we have a local entertainer that's going to be in Seattle next weekend - you have to go see them." I asked if his name was James, and she was like, WOW - how did you know? Kismet, I think. She told us what nice boys they were and how she's seen them several times (she's a fledgling photographer and has shot their show several times when they play locally). Nice to get validation that they weren't serial killers :)

Being bad with pictures - got a bunch. Need to get them up. Been pretty much on the run, but no excuse, cuz I've had time.


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